Weatherby Vanguard Range Certified – by DJ Arlove

I became obsessed with the Weatherby Vanguard RC (Range Certified) Series back in 2017.

That first time I encountered this model it was chambered in the popular “Six-Five Creedmoor,” which wasn’t the reason I was drawn to it. Rather, it was everything about the rifle itself that first drew my attention.  The craftsmanship, the way it felt in hand, the build quality, the fit of the stock... all of it, dare I say, perfection.

The Weatherby “Range Certified” Vanguard comes with official paperwork from the Oehler Ballistic Imaging System. The certification includes specific load/ballistic data and an image of an actual 3-shot group fired at the Weatherby range with the rifle (signed by the boss, Adam Weatherby to make it official) that guarantees sub-MOA (minute of angle) performance from the manufacturer. This guarantee takes into consideration the use of Weatherby factory or premium match ammo, but the point is rather the fact that Weatherby would actually be willing to give guarantees like this. Most manufacturers claim this kind of performance… but very few of them would put a guarantee on paper.

Each rifle also includes a special "Range Certified" engraved floorplate. Rifle can be bought in several calibres at Safari Den.

My rifle (as pictured) is topped with a Leupold VX-3i “Long Range Precision” (LRP) rifle scope, which I purchased at A. Rosenthal Guns. It also has an Arctic suppressor from Safari Den. Arctic suppressors are made in Scandinavia, very light compared to the industry standard only @ 335 grams and adjustable in size.

My rifle is chambered in .223 Rem and has a 20-inch heavy barrel with a 1:9 Twist Rate.

Weatherby DJ Arlove

* There is a wide range of Weatherby rifles available at Agra Safari Den (or simply order from your nearest Agra branch) in every price range and in a variety of different calibres and styles.

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