SightronWhen you see the Sightron brand, it is easy to think it is a fairly new company. At Agra Safari Den and A. Rosethal, we deal in legendary optics brands such as Zeiss, Kahles, Schmidt & Bender and others who were used by our fathers and their fathers’ fathers before them. It was interesting then when I learnt the Sightron brand itself has a 30-year history of product development, with roots going back to 1957.

Kenko Tokina is a well-known photography brand out of Japan, and they are the soul behind Sightron Rifle Scopes and Optics. What is definitely worth mentioning is that Kenko physically produces Sightron Optics in their factories in Japan and the Philippines. Most other rifle scope brands have their optics manufactured by third-parties in China… they just slap a label on and brand it to the general public.

In 1993, Kenko Manufacturing started a joint venture with industry managers in Youngsville, North Carolina – to start Sightron USA. Locally, the USA has not featured very prominently in the name, since we do not share the same patriotic sense of value as our friends over in the States do. But the reality is that the brand has a very strong standing in America.

Featuring everything you have come to expect of a quality rifle scope and more, Sightron has taken the Namibian market by storm. I personally own a few S-TAC series Sightrons and I firmly believe that the value you get for what you pay is unmatched by any manufacturer.

Safari Den currently has a variety of Sightron Rifle Scopes on sale, ranging in price from N$ 5,000 to N$ 15,000, as well as a top-quality Spotting Scope for under N$ 9,000. Speak to your nearest Agra branch if you are interested in getting yourself a Sightron.

Picture: My pre-64 Winchester .375 topped with a Sightron S-TAC 2-10x32

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