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Savage Model 110 Long Range HunterIf you Google any topic relevant to shooting, you are pretty much guaranteed to stumble across two big US rifle manufacturers being discussed at length. One of them has been in the news of late for being bankrupt… the other one, is Savage.

In every elk or deer hunting discussion, every calibre debate, every reloading thread and every backyard political post, there will be a story somewhere about a guy who believes that the actual foundation of the universe is held together somehow by the magical presence of the Savage bolt-action rifle.

It is easy to joke about the Yanks and how intensely passionate they get about shooting guns. But there is a romanticism there that I somehow relate to. There is also a very strong message to the high-end, upmarket European variants – that a cheap old Savage can likely out-shoot anything they bring to the table, and at about a third of the price. That, and it will likely also be able to outlast a can of bully beef in the bush.

Savage has an incredible offering in terms of their variety of different rifle styles, designs, calibres, uses and customizing potential – why then has it remained rather obscurely hidden from the forefront in Africa? The Savage 110 GRS that I shot with and reviewed last year is simply an obscene amount of rifle for the price. I honestly cannot imagine how Savage is able to put out accurate, high quality rifles at the prices they do.

The Savage 110 series (both the Predator and Long-Range Hunting models in particular) are the perfect go-to option for anyone looking for affordable, accurate and durable rifles. These rifles have customisable cheek raisers and stock inserts for length of pull, to ensure a perfect fit to the shooter. If you are in the market for “one rifle to do it all,” or as a farm work-horse, the Savage 110 is probably going to give you exactly what you are after. It’s also perfect for an on-hand “client rifle,” as it can be set up to the individual’s specs and it will be able to withstand the punishment of hunting in the African bush. The Predator range includes your smaller varminting calibres, while the Long-Range Hunter has a large variety of common hunting calibres for bigger game.

Work or play, Savage has all the expertise and experience to ensure you have products that work, so all you have to do is focus on pulling the trigger at the right time.

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